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Observe and Locate – Day and Night. Safran Vectronix AG is a global leader in state-of-the-art optronic equipment, systems and sensors for military and civil applications. Handheld Equipment: Pocket Laser Range Finder, Rangefinder Binoculars, Night Vision Monoculars and Goggles, Multifunction Devices. Mounted Equipment: Night Vision Devices Weapon or Vehicle Mounted. Day and Night Orientation Systems: Non-magnetic based target acquisition system. Modules: Digital Magnetic Compass, Laser Range Finder


We are vertically integrated textile manufacturing company, with a legacy of more than 40 years. We have the capacity and the capability of Dyeing, Finishing and Printing fabrics suitable for end user applications across all industry sectors. with an operational capacity of 6 Million meter/month. At SAPPHIRE , we not only provide quality products and services - We build partnerships We believe that SAPPHIRE being a one window shop will really be an interesting option to explore and are confident to serve as a reliable long term partner. We started as single spinning unit in 1970 but today we are a vertically integrated textile group with our own Yarn Spinning, Weaving, Woven Dyeing & Finishing, printing and garment manufacturing facilities, comprising of 24 units all across Pakistan. This gradual growth itself speaks of our commitment and proactive approach towards the new and ever growing challenges. SAPPHIRE is one of the premium textile group of Pakistan with over 40 years of legacy in quality textile products. With over 18,000 employees, annual turnover touching a billion dollar mark and an export to more than 30 countries, SAPPHIRE, without any doubt is a reliable source for all your textile needs.


  • hall: 4
  • stand number: 442
  • nomenclature: 2100, 2199

Sarena industries is producing 66 million dyed fabric, 24 million greige fabric and 1200,000 garments per year. Blends we produce : 100% cotton, 100% Nylon, PC, CVC, PV, cotton nylon, Cotton Viscose, cotton antistatic, Cotton Spandex/Lycra, T 400 stretch, Mechanical stretch etc Special Finishes we Produce : PROBAN FR finish, water Repellent, oil Repellent, chemical and acid repellent, soil release, anti microbial, insect repellent, antistatic Weights we produce : from 60 gsm to 550 gsm Our Expertise : For Military Use : IR controlled Combat camouflage uniforms, Nylon Fabrics, ammunition bags, Goose Down filled Winter jacket & trousers to be used in minus 55 C, Sleeping bags. For others : PROBAN FR garments for Oil, Gas, aviation and mining, , Nurse suits for hospitals, Chemical, acid , water & oil repellent suits for industries, hi-visible suits for construction & aviation. Certificates : NFPA 2112 from UL, NFPA 70 E from UL, ASTM D 1959 from UL, ASTM 1506 from UL, EN 11611, EN 11612, EN 1149, En 61482, EN 20471 etc.


  • hall: 3
  • stand number: 333
  • nomenclature: 1600, 1616

SCHUBERTH develops and produces in Magdeburg on the Elbe. The portfolio: helmets for worker protection, military, police, fire brigade, Formula 1 sports and motor cycling. Renowned Formula 1 pilots rely on SCHUBERTH helmets as much as numerous life savers and protectors from professional areas. We are proud of that.


We are united in our purpose to help protect solders, firefighters and workers in hazardous industrial environments, so they can keep getting their jobs done and keep coming back home safely. We strive to set the standard for confidence and trust by providing rugged, reliable and comfortable protective equipment.

SEFIRA spol. s r. o.

SEFIRA is a supplier of IT solutions and services. It is specialised in the delivery of modern systems for the trustworthy creation, verification and long-term storage of electronic documents. In the area of digital trust, he offers solutions for remote electronic signature and qualified seals, implementing technologies for secure cryptographic key generation and storage, building certification authorities, and external registration authority services. SEFIRA provides complex services from IT strategy development through information system architecture design and customized software development to the process, data, and system integration.

Sekce plánování schopností MO

  • FFISC Specialized Partner

Sekce podpory MO

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Sekce rozvoje sil MO

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SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH

  • hall: 4
  • stand number: 436


  • hall: 4
  • stand number: 440
  • nomenclature: 2500, 2512

EASTIMAGE is a leading security screening manufacturer that provides superior security products, multiple solutions and great service that meets our customers' most demanding threat detection needs. With its advanced technology, reliable products and services, remarkable results have been achieved in the areas of civil aviation, public transportation, important facilities, large-scale international events, big sporting events and other industry applications. It is a prominent luggage detector factory and X Ray baggage scanner company among the leading x ray baggage scanner manufacturers.

SILK & PROGRESS, spol. s r. o.

  • hall: 3
  • stand number: 323
  • nomenclature: 1612

SINTEX, a.s.

  • hall: 3
  • stand number: 323


  • hall: 4
  • stand number: 431


SOLAIYA (pronounced SO-LAY-A) is a global organization that combines the experience and expertise of its principals, partners and employees into a new, innovative and thought leading consultancy. The three broad areas of support provided by SOLAIYA are CONSULTING, SYSTEMS and TALENT. Headquartered in Boca Raton Florida USA with offices in Washington DC and its Prague Czech Republic based affiliate company SOLAIYA CZ s.r.o., SOLAIYA’s mission is to support the Global Business Community in Corporate Growth, Compliance, Technology and Personnel. CONSULTING services including: • Strategic Planning and Delivery for Corporate Growth (Local, Government, Global) • Compliance consulting for ISO 9001:2015, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) - NIST-800-171, Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Supply Chain, Procurement Management, Proposal Development and Review SYSTEMS centered solutions including Computing Utilization and Procurement, Technology Innovation Expansion, Solution Design, Localization and Delivery, Cyber Security Solution Realization TALENT acquisition and management including International and Domestic Executive / Key Personnel Outsourcing, Personnel and Talent Acquisition across technical, healthcare and sales disciplines, and resourcing for Rapid Ramp engagements. SOLAIYA, SOLAIYA CZ and its Partner Companies are committed to providing superior strategic management consulting services in support of our customers for the growth of their businesses globally. We continuously maintain and improve our quality management systems in order to deliver consistent quality services and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


  • FFF Main Technical Partner

STAP a. s.

Státní ústav jaderné, chemické a biologické ochrany, v.v.i.


  • hall: 3
  • stand number: 346

Support Division, MoD

  • LCC Specialized Partner

SVITAP J.H.J. spol. s r. o.

SVOS, spol. s r.o.

SVOS offers wide range of armoured vehicles for military/police and civilian purpose, such as armoured personnel carriers, command vehicles, surveilance vehicles, mine detection vehicles, scout vehicles, light-armoured combat vehicles, armoured ambulances.