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SVOS, spol. s r.o.

Manufacturer of special armoured vehicles


SVOS production contains:   

Special Purpose Armoured Vehicles for military:

SVOS from the Czech Republic is currently one of the leading manufacturer of special armoured vehicles in Europe. The company, established in 1992, continued the tradition of special vehicles production for defence use in the region. One of the key SVOS production program are armoured vehicles for special military and police use. The SVOS vehicles are in service of Czech Army, various NATO armies, United Nations and many further customers globally. The deployment of SVOS vehicles in various missions all around the World together with long term and heavy-duty service sufficiently tested an appropriate choose of technologies, materials and SVOS production quality that protects  human lives. The fact has even been confirmed in situations of real conflict with firearms and explosive assault. Due to high quality of SVOS products, the company is included into group of armoured vehicles manufacturers that react to real needs of military units deployed in areas of increased tension and threats.