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Stephan Jacobsen LTC Stephan Jacobsen

WMD Non-proliferation Centre, NATO HQ;

Lieutenant Colonel Stephan “Steve” Jacobsen is Military Advisor at NATO’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Non-Proliferation Centre, a political office at NATO's Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. He began his military career in 1987 as a specialised CBRN Defence soldier, served as Platoon and Company Commander of a CBRN Defence Company, Instructor at the German CBRN Defence School as well as a CBRN Advisor of the Bundeswehr Joint Support Command.  He successfully participated in the U.S. Captain Career Course in Fort McClellan, Alabama, and the Staff Officer Career Courses at the German Armed Forces Staff College. As Company Commander during the SFOR mission in the Balkans (2001), Base Commander during the EU Congo mission in Gabon, Africa (2006) and Chief Force Protection during ISAF in Afghanistan (2012) he gained the specific necessary experience for his current work. He joined NATO Headquarters’ International Staff in April 2013.