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Ioannis (John) Galatas BG Rtd. Ioannis (John) Galatas MD, MA(Terr), MC(Army)

Consultant in Allergology & Clinical Immunology; VC GISA

BIOGRAPHY: BG(ret’d) Ioannis [John] Galatas, MD, MA(Terr), MC(Army); Consultant in Allergy & Clinical Immunology; Medical CBRNE Planner; Senior Asymmetric Threats Analyst; CBRN Scientific Coordinator @ RIEAS; VC Greek Intelligence Studies’ Association (GISA); Editor: "CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter"; What I am good at: In the Allergology field: Organize and run an Outpatient Allergy Clinic (adults, [children]); Organize and run an Allergy School for allergic patients and their families that will help them attain an over-standing quality of life. Knowledge is power, this is especially important with patients suffering from allergic diseases like asthma; Be part of a medical/supporting team/organization interested in management of allergic diseases (adults, [children]); Educate general practitioners (GPs) on how to diagnose and treat allergic diseases (adults, [children]); Provide lectures/modules on allergic diseases management issues (public/private/university settings); Organize Allergy Mobile Training Teams to support GPs on how to deal In the Asymmetric Threats/CBRN Defense field; Organize hospital/medical CBRN defense (planning, training, equipment selection); Organize critical infrastructure CBRN defense (planning, training, equipment selection); Disseminate knowledge on CBRN counter-measures for the populace (important task usually ignored by state authorities); Operate as asymmetric threats/CBRN consultant in security companies/firms or state organizations; Provide lectures/modules in medical/dental/veterinary/nursing university schools on emerging CBRN threats and mass casualties management issues (important task preparing junior front line health professionals to effectively deal with weapons of mass destruction consequences); Organize and run a “Medical CBRN Defense Training School” that can provide both theoretical and practical working experience to medical/nursing personnel nation-wide; Participate as operational/medical CBRN defense consultant in EUfunded security projects; Run an academic “Master Degree” program on Asymmetric Threats (international terrorism, organized crime, global security, maritime terrorism, illegal immigration, climate change, energy/water resources, cyber-warfare, and security governance); In the Security Intelligence field: Operate as CBRNE/terrorism-oriented intelligence / global security consultant in security companies/firms/academia. 1976-1983 Aristotelian University of Thessalonica, Medical School; Military Medical Academy of Thessalonica; 1986-1991 Specialization in Allergology & Clinical Immunology at Laikon University Hospital, Athens;  Internal Medicine (24 months);  Dermatology (3 months);  Respiratory Medicine (3 months);  Immunology Laboratory oriented (6 months);  Allergology & Clinical Immunology (24 months); Posts: 1983-1985 Sanitary Application School (SΕΥ); 1985-1986 Unit physician, Northern Greece Recruitment Center; 1992-1994 Head, Department of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, 401 Army General Hospital of Athens; 1994-1996 Director, Military Hospital of Lemnos Island; 1996-2000 Head, Department of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, 401 Army General Hospital of Athens and 417 Veterans Hospital of Athens; 2000-2001 Director, Sanitary Division of Second Army Corps (Northern Greece); 2001-2007 Head, Department of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, 401 Army General Hospital of Athens; Postdoctoral training: 1989 Medical & Veterinary Acarology (Reading University, UK); 1997 Aerobiology (Worcester University College, UK); Dec 2010 PhD Degree in progress; Faculty: Dpt of Forensics & Toxicology, Medical School, Kapodistriakon University of Athens; Supervisor: Prof Chara Spiliopoulou, MD Topic: “Dead Management following Urban Terrorist CBRNE Attack”; Professional experience: 1991- Private allergy clinic 1991-1993 Allergy specialist at Center for Report of Allergic Diseases; 1997-2000 Athens’ Medical Center & Hospital (private); 2000-2010 Allergy Consultant to Euroanalysis Laboratories (private) Head, Aerobiology Section – Daily Pollen Report; Member of medical societies & unions:  Hellenic Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology Association;  Athens’ Medical Association;  Pan-Hellenic Association of Allergists;  European Academy of Allergology & Clinical Immunology (EAACI);  International Association of Allergy & Clinical Immunology;  World Federation of Acarologists;  Association of Military Surgeons of the United States of America;  Zoological Society of London;  Internet Writers Association;  Internet Group of EAACI; Prizes & Awards: 1992 1st Prize 1st Pan-Hellenic Conference of Allergy & Clinical Immunology – Athens; 1990 2nd Prize 18th Armed Forces Medical Convention – Thessalonica; 1991 Young Researchers Award & Grand International Congress of Allergy & Clinical Immunology – Kyoto, Japan.