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Czech Republic Czech Republic

Karel Huleja Col. Karel Huleja MSc.

Chief of Chemical Corps of the Army; Ministry of Defence


Service experience:

1980-1984       - Military college - Vyskov

1984-1990       - commander platoon, company and  deputy commander CBRN bat, Liberec

1992-1997       - deputy chief of chemical bases, Olomouc

                           - member of group participant on checking equipments used during 1. war in gulf

                           - March - June in USA, Edgewood arsenal, state Md. (1993)

1997-1998       - leader service chemical techniques, Olomouc

1999                -  leader first of supply chemical base , Olomouc

2000                -  main dispatcher section of revolting activities, Olomouc

2002                -  main logistic officer for chemical equipment - General staff, Prague

2003                -  leader of department for research, development and education of 5.headquarters specialized forces, Old Boleslav

2003                -  chief of chemical corps of OHQ of JF, Olomouc

2005                -  NBC Officer of 7.contingent KFOR, Camp Villa - Lipljan,

2006                -  member JAT, Summit RIGA

Since 2009       -  Chief of chemical corps of the Czech Army