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Czech Republic Czech Republic

Jan Österreicher Col., GS Jan Österreicher MD, Ph.D.

Director of Military Health Institute; Military Health Institute



BIOGRAPHY: COL (GS) prof. Jan Österreicher, MD., PhD.;

1986-1990: Military High School, Prague;

1990-1996: Military Medical Academy JEP and Medical Faculty, Charles University, Hradec Králové; 1996-1999: PhD in military radiobiology;

2001: Associate professor in military radiobiology; 2005: NATO Defence College, Rome;

2008: Full professor in military radiobiology;

2008-2009: Course of the General Staff, Brno;


Iraq 2003, Kosovo 2007-2008, Afghanistan 2008, 2013

Other activities: NATO Response Force in 2004 (radiobiologist), 2007 (radiobiologist and toxicologist), and 2013 (MTF Role 2E commander); EU Battlegroup in 2009 (MTF Role 2E commander), Life action in Slovakia in 2011 (Medical specialists commander) Scientific experience in foreign countries: SanitätsAkademie der Bundeswehr in München (1999, 2000); Gray Cancer Institute in London (2001), Faculty of Physics, Department of Solid State Physics in Leipzig (2001-02); Positions: 1996-2009: University of Defence, Hradec Králové (2003-2009) Head of Radiobiologic department, 2004-2007 Vice-chancellor for scientific activities); 2009-2013: Field Hospital Base commander, Hradec Králové; 2013-until today: Director of Military Health Institute, Prague; Specialization: Radiobiology, security politics and strategy; Education activities at universities: Radiobiology, Mass casualty, security politics and strategy