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Bülent Tüdes Dr. Bülent Tüdes

ProgrammeManager, LB General and Cooperative Services Programme, NATO Support Agency;



BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Bülent TÜDES served 27 years in Turkish Air Force, mostly as a Professeur in Air Force Academy and also research and development programs. He has Master and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked one year in Ottawa, Canada in National Research Council as a guest research engineer in engine laboratory of National Research Council in 1989. He was also assigned to Hill Air Force Base, UTAH/USA as F-16 Liaison officer from 1992 to 1994. After his retirement; since 1999, he has been working as the General and Cooperative Services Programme Manager at NSPA. He is specialized in operational and multinational logistics, environmental and energy security, and project management. His responsibility areas are the ammunition procurement/demilitarization, naval worldwide support, disposal activities, procurement of deployable camps, procurement of dismounted soldier systems, night vision systems and medical items, and also special projects. The total annual budget of these activities is around 500M Euros. Various tailor made items were also procured from design, prototype and manufacturing, including testing and acceptance. He is also managing web-based defence procurement activity for redistribution and readily available catalogue type contracts. The take-aways are various: cost reduction by economy of scale in multinational contracting, fast acquisition under web-based applications, sustained expertise, unique NSPA/NATO benefits in multinational logistics.