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Czech Republic Czech Republic

Miroslav Skoumal Mr. Miroslav Skoumal MSc., PhD.

Head of Decontamination Department; Military Research Institute



BIOGRAPHY: Miroslav Skoumal, PhD.;

Born in October 5, 1953;

Chief, Agent Decontamination & Persistency Department VVÚ, s.p., division VTÚO Brno, Czech Republic;

Academic Degree: Technical Chemistry & Technology College, Pardubice, Czechoslovak Republic, July 1977;

PhD. in Chemical Warfare Agents Chemistry, Military Academy, Brno, Czechoslovak Republic, July 1986;

Dr. Skoumal has worked as a senior scientist in the Decontamination Department, Military Technical Institute of Protection, Czech Ministry of Defense since 1977, specializing in advanced scientific and technology innovations in chemical warfare decontamination. Dr. Skoumal has more than 30 years of experience in chemical warfare defense which began in the former Czechoslovak Army. He received his PhD. from the Military Academy in Brno in 1986, specializing in kinetics and mechanisms of toxic phosphonates cleavage catalyzed by using micellar metal chelates. Dr. Skoumal served as Chief of the Decontamination Support Element, UNSCOM CW Inspection Team in 1990 and 1991 following the Gulf War. In 1997 Dr. Skoumal was appointed Head of the Decontamination Department for the Military Technical Institute of Protection, serving the Czech Republic Armed Forces as the focal point for decontamination research and development. From 1998 until present, Dr. Skoumal has been the Czech Republic program director and liaison for chemical warfare agent material and substrate testing conducted in the Czech Republic in support of the U.S. Fate of Agents work sponsored by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Currently Dr. Skoumal presides as the Chief of Agent Decontamination and Persistency, a specialized department established under Military Research Institute, state enterprise company in Brno, Czech Republic.