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Czech Republic Czech Republic

Pavel Castulik Mr. Pavel Castulik MSc., Ph.D.

Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Enviroment, Masaryk University, Faculty of Science;


Pavel Častulík a native of Brno in South Moravia, Czech Republic, is by formal education chemical technology engineer with specialization on protection and defense against WMD/NBC/CBRNE. Following graduation from the University of Defense in Brno, he was commissioned as the Commander of the NBC Defense Battalion following the post of division`s  NBC Service Officer.

After completing postgraduate study program CSc (PhD) in chemistry (Thesis on Functionalized polymers for catalytic decomposition of CWA) he continued working for the MoD in the area of R&D for NBC defense and protection. During his service at the Military Research Institute in Brno (VVU State Enterprise) he was the Head of Decontamination Department following principal position of the Head of R&D NBC Protection Division, supervising several departments (detection and identification C/R, physical protection, decontamination, field testing of developed NBC equipment and Live Agent Training range).

He led also the teams of the Czech experts during four missions of the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM 7, 17, 21, CDG 38) for searching and inventory of chem/bio programs and destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in Iraq.

Pavel was founding senior staff member of the Preparatory Commission for the Technical Secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague (OPCW). He served as the Head of Training Branch, the Head of Chemical Weapons Destruction Branch, and the Team Leader of inspection teams, responsible for preparedness of the inspectors and verification of chemical weapons destruction programs (CW storage facilities, demilitarization and conversion of former CW production facilities, destruction of CWs at destruction facilities, verification of old and abandoned CWs sites, Challenge inspections and Investigation of alleged use of CWs). After leaving service at the Secretariat he was the member of the Protection Network Panel supporting CBRN capability building program for the OPCW State Parties as the advisor and lecturer.

He was academic staff of the Faculty of Chemistry at University of Technology in Brno, lecturing in the program “Civilian Defense and Crisis Management”. Currently Pavel is the lecturer at the Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX) and Faculty of Medicine at the Masaryk University in Brno. Educational topics include CBRNE & HazMat matters on detection, monitoring and identification of CBRNE, personnel and collective protection against CBRNE hazardous materials, contamination avoidance and control, decontamination and disposal CBRNE/HAZMAT, emergency medical response countermeasures, response to CBRN incidents, Investigation of Alleged Use of CBRN Weapons, HazMat forensic investigations, disarmament/verification and demilitarization of CWs, and non-proliferation of WMD. Assessment of specialized equipment for CBRNE response missions, drafting SOPs for CBRNE response operations, development of educational/training programs for CBRNE preparedness and operational response.Pavel extensively lecturing on CBRNE and HazMat matters also for law enforcement, EOD, medical emergency services and first responders’ communities, as well as invited lecturer at Joint CBRN Defense COE in Vyskov and NATO School in Oberammergau.

He is the member of the Association for Crisis Preparedness of the Health and Co-editor of the journal “Crisis Preparedness of the Health” and the member of the Advisory Board of the International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security in Tarnow, Poland (ICCSS).

Pavel also maintains collaboration with the National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection on R&D activities and participating regularly on national and international R&D and CBRNE related gathering with the active presentations.