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Czech Republic Czech Republic

Jozef Sabol Assoc. Prof. Jozef Sabol MSc., D.Sc.

The Police Academy of the Czech Republic/Department of Crisis Management;



At present, Mr J Sabol is a staff member of the Department of Crisis Management at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague where he is mainly engaged in lecturing on introduction to natural sciences, dangerous substances and industrial accidents and protection against CBRN agents and weapons with special emphasis on radiological terrorism. He participates in research carried out at the Police Academy focusing on the population protection and is also involved in some projects under various EU programmes addressing CBRN related fields.

Mr Sabol worked for several years at various international institutions and universities where he was involved in a variety of areas related to radiation protection, nuclear safety and protection against hazardous materials including radioactive contamination and its effects on the exposure of workers, members of the public and the environment. These assignments included International Atomic Energy Agency (Austria), National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan), Pebble Bed Nuclear Modular Reactors, Ltd. (South Africa) and some others.


Mr Sabol is an author of 8 monographs, published more than 200 scientific articles and presented about 50 .papers at various international conferences.