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Brazil Brazil

Clovis Eduardo Godoy Ilha COL Clovis Eduardo Godoy Ilha

Project manager for Restructuring the Brazilian Army CBRN Defence Systém;



1.                  ACADEMIC INFORMATION

a.       Main Courses

- Brazilian Army Military Academy, 1983 to 1986

- Chemical Engineering, Brazilian Army Military Engineering Institute, 1989 to 1993

- Master Science on Chemical Engineering, University of Pernambuco, 1994 to 1996

- Doctorate on Chemistry, University of Brasília, 2001 to 2004

- Direction Course for Military Engineers, Brazilian Army General Staff School, 2004

- Course of Political and Strategic Studies, National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies, Santiago de Chile, 2011



b.      Courses on CBRN Defence

- Chemical Support Training Course, Sweden, 2000

- Multinational Senior Officers Orientation Course on German NBC Defense Policy, Germany, 2013




a.       Main Professional Experiences

1)     Chemical Weapons Inspector of UN Special Commission for Iraq, UNSCON, 1998

2)     Member of Brazilian National Technical Comission of Biossecurity,  2005 to 2007

3)     Director of General Camara War Arsenal,  2007 to 2009

4)     Chief of the Brazilian Army Center of Image and Geographical Information, 2009 to 2010


b.      Present Functions

1) Chief of the Section for Mobilization and Catalogation of Brazilian Army´s Staff Major

2) Supervisor of  the Project for Restructuring the Brazilian Army CBRN Defence System.