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Karl-Heinz Rippert Dr. Karl-Heinz Rippert

Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBW), Koblenz;



Diplom-Ingenieur, Dr.-Ing. in mechanical enineering / optics

1984    Scientist  at  the Institute for Applied Optics, University Stuttgart, Germany

1990    Project manager for optronics at Federal Office for Defence Technology and Procurement   

2000    Head of  laser & optronics section  and R&T branch semiconductors, laser & optronics, radar technologies and  pattern & information processing.

            Panel member of  NATO RTO SET ,WEAG , Working Group 6, etc.

2004    Head of Dismounted Soldier Systems Programs IdZ

            Leader R&T soldier equipment, Member NATO AC225, RTO, EDA

2008    Head of soldier personal equipment, curator Carl Crantz society

2013    Head of optronics, lasers and acoustics branch