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Nizozemsko Nizozemsko

Ir. Frans J. H. Picavet MGen. (Ret.) Ir. Frans J. H. Picavet

Former Director NC3 Staff, General Manager NCOC2;


Frans Picavet served in numerous operational and staff assignments during his 37 year career within the Dutch Army. Being Company Commander of a Signal Service Company until 1977, he subsequently graduated in 1981 as an electro technical engineer (Master’s degree in communications) at the University of Technology in Delft. He served as Project Officer for the reorganisation of the National Command RNLA and held afterwards the post of Deputy Director for C3I equipment of the Directorate of Materiel. On joining NATO as Major General from October 2001 until December 2004, he was Director of the NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Staff and Co-Vice Chairman of the NATO C3 Board (NC3B).

Frans Picavet worked from 2005 till end 2013 for IBM as Associate Partner and Global Network Centric Operations (NCO) Ambassador. He contributed to IBM’s corporate strategy on NCO by taking part in the development of NCO policy, concepts and implementation guidelines. He conducted in 2005 a study to enhance the efficiency of the Ministry of Defence in Austria and delivered an organizational blueprint for the future MOD. In 2009 he conducted a NIAG study on NATO’s interoperability and in 2010 a study on NATO’s Agency Review. In 2011 he conducted a NIAG study on Information Services Delivery for NATO.

Since his retirement from IBM end 2013 he has acted as advisor and consultant to US and European companies in developing and implementing business opportunities in NATO and within the European military environment. He conducted in 2014 an NIAG study on Industrial Contribution to NATO’s Cyber Defence Action plan. He is married and has two daughters and four grandchildren. He runs, plays Golf and lives in Overijse (BE).