Výpis delegací Delegace Česko
Česko Česko

Vlastimil Picek Gen. (Ret.) Vlastimil Picek

Defence Advisor to president


Academic training:

1975                      Graduated from the Military Technical College, Nové Město nad Váhom,

1978-82                Military Academy Brno

1993                      Postgraduate studies, Czech University of Technology

1997                      General Staff Senior Academic Course, Military Academy Brno

Service career:

1975-78                                Senior Radio Mechanic

1978-82                                Full-time studies, Military Academy Brno

1982-83                                Full-time studies, Military Intelligence branch

1983-86                                Deputy Commander, Technical Support Battalion

1986-89                                Senior Officer, HQ National Air Defence

1989-93                                Chief of Section, HQ Air Force and National Air Defence

1993-94                                Chief of Signal, 4th Corps, HQ Air Defence

1994-95                                Branch Chief, Signal Troops Department, General Staff (GS)

1995-96                                Deputy Chief of Signal, GS

1996-97                                Chief of Signal, GS

1997-00                                Chief of Department, Command and Control Operational and Tactical System, GS

2000-01                                Chief of J6, Chief of Signal, GS

2001-03                                Chief of J6, Chief of Signal, GS, MOD Security Director

May 1st, 03                         appointed Chief of Military Office of the President of the Czech Republic

March 14th, 01                 promoted Brigadier-General

May 8th, 03                        promoted Major-General

May 2nd, 06                       promoted Lieutenant-General

October 28th, 09             promoted Army-General


Honours and decorations:

Cross of Merit of the Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic, 3rd, 2nd, 1st class;

Medal of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, 3rd, 2nd class;

National Service Medal;

Homeland Defence Meritorious Medal;

Commemorative Badge for Service in Peacekeeping Operation in the Balkans;

NATO 50th Anniversary Medal;

ACR Commemorative Badge of Přemysl Otakar II, the King of Iron and Gold