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Petr Jirásek Petr Jirásek

Chairman; AFCEA Czech Cyber Security Working Group



Mr. Petr Jirásek has been a longtime member and now a Life member of AFCEA International. Currently he holds a position in the Executive Committee of AFCEA International and a member of the Board Directors of AFCEA International. He is also the Honorary President of AFCEA Czech Chapter and Chairman of Czech Cyber Security Working Group.

Since 1st October 2012, Mr. Jirásek holds also position of AFCEA Regional Vice President for Central Eastern European Region.

Mr. Jirásek has been working in various positions in the private sector: (1992-2004) PVT Company as a programmer, project manager and director of ICT Department for Defense and Security Government, (2004-2010) IBM Czech Republic as Country Security Director and Public Sector Relationship Executive.

Petr Jirásek is a security leader and application developer. He is the owner of the CyberSecurity.CZ portal, author and co-author of 100+ publications including 50+ papers and 20+ speeches, mainly in the security and IT area. He has organized, in roles of either the executive director or chairman of the program committee, more than 70 international and national conferences. Since 2004 he regularly organizes, in co-operation with the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, security seminars for the Czech government security leaders.

Mr. Jirásek is a holder of several professional and military awards, e.g. Medal of Merit “Premysl Ottokar II.” of the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces (2007), Gen. James M. Rockwell Award (2012), Gold and Silver Medal of Merit of the Signal Corps of the Czech Armed Forces (2012, 2007), “IBM Professional of the Year” (2006), “Medal of Merit” of the AFCEA International (2004), “Medal of Merit” of the Slovak Armed Forces Academy (2013), “Star Medal” of  LtGen. Norman C. Wood (1998), and many others.