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K. Harald Drager K. Harald Drager

President TIEMS;


K. Harald Drager, Oslo, Norway, is the founding member of the worldwide acting society TIEMS (The International Emergency Management Society), which he took the initiative to establish in 1993. He was the International Vice President of TIEMS since its inauguration until 2002, when he took over as TIEMS President, a position he was re-elected to for the 5th time in 2013. He has brought in new ideas and new people in TIEMS and succeeded the organization to span worldwide. TIEMS has under his leadership become the well recognized organization with growing activities in Asia and Europe and now TIEMS activity in Americas, Africa and Oceania is emerging. TIEMS has developed to a global well known organization with local chapters in many regions/countries, and TIEMS arranges each year workshops and conferences all over the world with focus on disaster risk reduction. TIEMS has also initiated development of a global education, training and certification program and a research coordination service for its members, and recently several Task Force Groups.

He has an extensive experience from industry and research activity, especially in emergency and risk management and he acts as the Managing Director of QUASAR Invest AS in Norway, a consultancy in global safety, emergency and disaster management. He has a Master’s degree in control engineering from the Norwegian Technical University in 1966 and a Master’s degree from Purdue University in USA in industrial engineering in 1973. His specializations are international organizational development, emergency, disaster and risk management and project management. He has done consultancy work for numerous clients internationally amongst others the World Bank/International Finance Corporation, NATO and the European Commission, and he has been project manager of several international research and development projects for methods and software development in risk, emergency and disaster management.

Harald was employed by Det norske Veritas in 1967 and a member of the Board of Directors of the company for 5 years until he left the company in 1983 and founded his own consultancy, AS QUASAR Consultants and later QUASAR Invest AS. He has published numerous papers internationally on emergency, risk and disaster management.

He was TIEMS representative in the EU funded NARTUS project with the responsibility for consensus building and establishing the PSC Europe Forumx, an all stakeholder forum for public safety communication. PSC Europe Forum is today a self governed sustainable organization after it was launched at the end of the NARTUS project in 2009, and arranges two assembly conferences each year and is a leading global advocate for standardization and research initiatives in public safety communication. He was a member of the advisory board of the EU project, ACRIMAS, and is now a member of the advisory boards and user boards of the EU projects, Opti-Alert, CRISMA, Archimedes, EDEN, PHAROS and TAWARA_RTM.

K. Harald Drager was a European Commission appointed evaluator for the EU Security Calls for FP7 2013.