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Šárka Soudková PhDr. Šárka Soudková Ph.D.

Manager for Cyber Security; National Centre for Secure Internet


Šárka Soudková studied sociology in the Faculty of Art of the Charles University in Prague and the University of New Orleans in USA, where she focused mostly on criminology. As a postgraduate student at Charles University she studied the socio-pathological phenomena among young people. During the period of her studies she was active in the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and since 2008 she worked for the Department of Organized Crime of National Central Bureau of INTERPOL at the Police Presidium of the Czech Police, where she specialized on countering the crime against children committed via internet. Since 2013 she has been working as a project manager in the Czech Safer Internet Centre (Narodni centrum bezpecnejsiho internetu). She acts as the national coordinator of the European Cyber Security Month campaign. 

In her presentation she will point out the need of general public education and awareness raising in the cyber security and internet safety. She will also explain the importance of synergy of the stakeholders and will present some of the project of Czech Safer Internet Centre.