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Mihály Zala Mihály Zala

President; National Security Authority


Major General Mihály Zala is the head of the National Security Authority, Ministry of Interior of Hungary, and as such he is responsible for executive level international relations with relevant NATO and EU organizations, with special regard to classified data and information security issues. Related to that, he is a participant of high level NATO and EU decision making bodies dealing with personal, data, industrial and information security issues. He is also responsible for bilateral agreements aiming to share and protect classified information between Hungary and other countries.

Mr. Zala is the initiator of the Hungarian Cyber Defence Management Authority that is part of the National Security Authority, and has a leading role in national and international cyber threat prevention and response coordination.

Mr. Zala has sponsored EU twinning projects aiming to implement classified information processing systems in Europe, as well as information security awareness education programs in Hungary and in Europe – with special regard to large integration organizations.

Mr. Zala has a long history in diplomatic fields; previously he spent a decade as an international diplomat and later as economic and financial leader of significant state organizations belonging to various ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior.

Mr. Zala is the leader and accredited lecturer of the official state course of processing classified information.