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Filip Chuchma Filip Chuchma

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute



9/2001 – 6/2006                              

University of Ostrava, Fakulty of science - graduated  in Geography, department of Physical geography and geoecology and obtained a master’s degree.


University of Ostrava, Fakulty of science - obtained the title RNDr.

Working experience:

8/2006 - today 

Czech hydrometeorological institute,branch office Brno

- in Department of agrometeorology and phenology

- since 1/2013 in Department of meteorology and climatology

- since 12/2013 head of working group of operations of climatological station network (CHMI, branch office Brno)

- since 2014 representative of Czech Republic in the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology, WMO

- since 5/2014 head of working group for agrometeorology (CHMI, branch office Brno)

Main activities:

Coordination of technical projects in the field of agrometeorology and agroclimatology, map processing and the use of GIS techniques in agrometeorological praktice, climatological data analysis and management, operation and development of agroclimatological model, particiaption in resolving the grants and projects, creation of reports and studies for public and private takers, supervising the operation of the automated station network, participation in the creation and operation of drought monitoring in the CHMI website, publishing activity in scientific journals