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Roger Holfeldt Roger Holfeldt

CEO; Secana


Roger Holfeldt is the CEO of Secana AB and has during the past 20 years had several executive positions. Roger has been in charge of numerous collaboration projects both on national and international level. The width of Rogers experience includes threat- and risk analysis within information security, security policy developments, and preparedness- and crisis management. Roger focus is now on strategy and policy issues within societal security and cyber-security. Roger has extensive leading experience, especially within public- private partnership. Roger was involved in leading the global cooperation mission of policy development of CIIP which was held on a governmental- and state agency level.


His work has primarily consisted of, in collaboration with private, public and other stakeholders to both nationally and internationally develop a common ability to detect and deal with cyber-threats and risks. Roger has led global collaborations at government- and agency management level with the aim to share information and experiences as well as pursuit policy development within the field of CIIP.

Within the context of policy work he has been committed to the National Action Plan For Information Security, National Response Plan to serious IT-incidents, as well as the work to implement a basic security level for information management.