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Martina Vikova Mr. Martina Vikova PhD.

Defense Scientist of CC & D Group, Technical University of Liberec;


Associate professor Michal Vik and doctor Martina Viková focuses on areas of colorimetry, spectrofotometry, microspectrofotometry and special microscopy techniques, quality management mainly in application of specific smart materials and textile chemistry in general. They are also specialized in visual and instrumental judgments of color differences, color appearance of products under different viewing condition. Their current area of interest is the research of specific changeable chromic pigments applied not only on textile substrates and development of unique spectrophotometer systems not only for analyzing of photo chromic change but also for measuring color transition in remission and transmission mode.

They publish and present many original articles at scientific conferences and journals. They are also the coauthors of patents and utility models focused on specific spectrophotometer system PHOTOCHROM – LCAM and smart sensors based changeable dying pigments, which identifies environmental dangerous condition. They guarantee the professional consultancy and special training courses for industrial partners from the point of view of technological application of smart dying pigments, samples acquisition and quality testing mainly in the range of chromic materials and their stability. Both of them teach in all study programs at the Faculty of Textile Engineering of TUL, both of them support the doctoral student in their preparation of doctoral thesis thanks to supervising or co-supervising. They give lessens in lectures oriented to Textile physics , Textile finishing, Optical Methods, Finale finishes of textiles, Dyeing and printing of textiles, Coloristic, Color Measurement, Pretreatment of textiles, Textile finishing.

Associate professor Michal Vik started the cooperation with Faculty of Textile Engineering of TUL in 1989 and currently working at Department of Material Engineering. His habilitation process was successfully concluded in 2005. He was a head of academic faculty senate from 1996 to 2003. He also worked in faculty management as vice dean for external relation from 2003 – 2005 and as a vice dean for foreign relation from 2006 to 2008.

Doctor Martina Viková started the academic professional carrier in 2002 and she is working at Department of Material Engineering of Faculty of Textile Engineering of TUL until today. She engaged in earlier professional carrier as independent designer in KIO Elitex Company Liberec for one year, as a head of Quality management department in company Textilana Liberec for four years, as a head of Wholesale and foreign trade department for the company Rasl and Son Liberec for two years. She defend her PhD. at Heriot Watt University in England in 2011.