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George Sinks Dr. George Sinks

Director of International Programs, Logistics Management Institute (LMI);



Professional Qualifications

Mr. Sinks has extensive experience, at many levels of the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of State,  and other government departments, in policy analysis, strategic planning, training, organizational and process improvement, and procedures development. He has supported a broad range of NATO and other international defense programs and activities, including  NATO budgets and acquisition programs, multinational logistics, NATO agency reform, foreign military sales and defense trade, international standardization forums and agreements, personnel exchanges, and international cooperative research and development programs. He has published widely on such topics as NATO standardization, interoperability, NATO and PfP logistics, management of foreign military sales, international defense trade, and Army international programs.

LMI, Research Fellow                                                                                          09/2009–Present

04/2011-Present, USD(AT&L), NATO, and Department of State, Support to NATO and Multinational Logistics Programs.

Conducted research and analysis to support development and implementation of  NATO and other multinational logistics support initiatives in Afghanistan and the Pacific. Participated in study examining alternative organizational and facility configurations for the NATO Communications and Information Agency and the NATO Central European Pipeline Organization. Also oversaw projects supporting State Department planning for logistics transition in Afghanistan.  

08/2010-Present, Program Manager and Director, International Programs.

Served as Program Manager and Director for wide range of projects for OSD (Policy), OSD (AT&L), the Department of the Army, the Government of Sweden, NATO, the Department of  State, and the U.S. Institute of Peace.

09/2009–07/2010, OSD, Support for DoD Participation in the NATO Senior Officials Group.

Supported the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy as the U.S. representative to the NATO Senior Officials Group (SOG) that dealt with NATO’s 2009–10 financial crisis. Formulated and coordinated DoD positions on issues considered by the SOG, and proposed strategies to gain allied support for a NATO agreement that resolved the crisis.

LMI, Intergovernmental Personnel Act Assignee to OSD                                09/2006–08/2009

Served as desk officer in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy. Portfolio included NATO budgets and funding, NATO acquisition programs, NATO standardization, NATO nuclear issues, and oversight of DoD participation in NATO acquisition and logistics agencies. Assignment entailed supporting the Secretary of Defense and other senior leaders in NATO meetings, coordinating U.S. positions on portfolio issues, ensuring adequate U.S. funding for NATO programs, and working with U.S. Mission in Brussels on ways to secure allied support for U.S. positions.

LMI, Research Fellow                                                                                          01/1987–08/2006

01/2005–11/2005, Defense Support Office—Iraq, Improving the Accountability and Visibility of U.S.-Funded Reconstruction Materiel in Iraq.

Led an LMI team that examined the management and execution of U.S-funded or -provided reconstruction and other materiel supplied to the Iraqi government. Project team developed, and briefed DoD senior leaders on, options for leveraging DoD logistics management capabilities to improve accountability and visibility of U.S.-funded reconstruction materiel in Iraq.

07/2003–06/2004, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Director for Logistics, ACSA Policies and Procedures.

Researched, created, and coordinated a Joint Staff instruction on policies and procedures for creating and executing Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (ACSAs). The instruction standardized and facilitated the use of ACSAs for coalition participation in military operations.

07/2002–07/2006, Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G-3, MCF Policy Development.

Led project to provide policy analysis and program support for Army G-3’s multinational force compatibility (MFC) efforts. Recommended policies and procedures for better managing and executing Army MFC programs and for developing NATO standardization and other MFC agreements. Recommended strategies to focus and prioritize Army MFC activities, as well as metrics for formulating Army MFC requirements with allies and coalition partners.

11/1999–08/2006, Army, Policy Analysis for International Armaments Cooperation.

For the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, led project to provide policy analysis and program support for international armaments cooperation. Recommended policies and procedures to improve the management and execution of Army international cooperative research, development, and acquisition (ICRDA) programs. Also reviewed Army materiel requirements documents to ensure that ICRDA equities were properly addressed.

09/1997–10/2004, OSD, Logistics Information Exchanges with NATO Aspirant Nations.

For the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy), was a principal member of a three-person LMI team that created and executed logistics information exchanges with 14 NATO aspirant and other PfP nations in eastern and central Europe. Developed the exchange scenarios and supporting materials, prepared and delivered exchange briefings, and wrote program assessment reports.

09/1997–09/1996, Army, Improving International Policy Formulation and Management.

On a project for the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, was a principal member of the LMI team that assessed the Army’s organization and capabilities for formulating policy and managing its international programs. Recommendations were instrumental in the Army’s decision to establish a consolidated headquarters organization for its international programs.

09/1995–10/1997, NATO, ACT Support to COSUP Maritime Logistics Exercises.

Was a principal member of the LMI team that created and executed a series of Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Cooperative Support (COSUP) maritime logistics exercises. Developed the exercise scenarios and supporting materials, and prepared and delivered briefings.

05/1995–07/1996, OSD, Improving Logistics Support to UN Peace Operations.

For a project for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, was member of a team that assessed UN and DoD organizations and processes for providing logistics support to UN peace operations.

List of Relevant Publications

“Capabilities Development and Common Funding,”  George Sinks, in NATO: From Regional to Global Security Provider, Lexington, forthcoming.

“Multinational Maintenance: A New Approach to Logistics Interoperability.” Defense Standardization Journal, George Sinks, July/September 2013.

 “The Transformation of NATO Standardization and Interoperability: Challenges and Opportunities for DoD,” Defense Standardization Journal, George Sinks, October/November 2009.

Strategic Acquisition and Logistics Support Capabilities of Iraq’s Security Ministries, LMI Report BT502T2, G. Sinks, J. Kern, G. Creedon, and R. Foelber, October 2006.

Constraints and Opportunities in the Pursuit of International Cooperative Research Development and Acquisition Programs, LMI Report BT501T1, G. Sinks and L. Beck, March 2006.

 “Straddling the Gap: Thoughts on Harmonizing U.S. and European Capabilities,” RUSI Journal, G. Sinks, Spring 2005.

“Improving Army Management of International Standardization,” Defense Standardization Journal, G. Sinks and D. Diamond, January/March 2004.

“Supporting NATO Enlargement,” Insights, G. Sinks, Spring 1999.

Improving Logistics Support to UN Peace Operations, LMI Report UP501MR1, C. Groth and G. Sinks, July 1996.

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Improving the Efficiency of FMS Logistics Management, LMI Report SA302LN1, C. Groth, M. Mallwitz, and G. Sinks, January 1994.

The United Kingdom’s Defense Market: U.S. Access and Performance, LMI Report UP001RD3, G. Sinks, September 1992.

Measures of Effectiveness for Army International Activities, LMI Report AR104R1, J. Keenan, F. Nauta, R. McKimmey, and G. Sinks, August 1992.

Awards and Relevant Organizational Memberships

LMI President’s Award, 1995 and 1997

Security Clearance

DoD Top Secret


Secret (NATO)