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Per Inge Ohrstrand LTC Per Inge Ohrstrand

NOR CBRN Def School



Lt Col Ohrstrand was born 16th may 1958. He started his military career in the Infantry but converted to the Engineers when graduating from the Military College in 1980.

In the Engineer Corps he has served as CBRN-plt Cdr, Engr Plt Cdr, Company Cdr, instructor at the CBRN-school, Staff officer, Commandant of the Engr School and Acting Inspector of Engineers. He served with the MND N HQ in Bosnia for one year, and was posted to the Netherlands as the Engr LNO and G-5 of the NLD 77. Engr Bde in 2004 – 2007.

He has done the Junior and Senior Staff Courses at the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College, and has participated in various CBRN-specific courses abroad.


Since 2007 he has served as the Commandant of the Norwegian CBRN- and Environmental Protection School and executes through this function the role as Co-ordinating authority for CBRN-Defence and Environmental Protection within the Norwegian Armed Forces.