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Pawel Sweklej LTC Pawel Sweklej

General Command of the Armed Forces, Armament & Military Equipment Division;



LtCol Paweł SWEKLEJ was born on November 13, 1975 in Poland. He is senior specialist of Weapon Management and Development Division, Inspectorate of The Land Forces, General Command of The Polish Armed Forces. LtCol is responsible for  requirements, implementation of the new system into the Army and. supervising their right exploitation and test procedures of equipment.

LtCol Paweł SWEKLEJ started his military carrier after graduating from the Military Academy of Technology in June 1999. His first assignment was commander of the platoon in the Regiment of the Guard in Warsaw. After that he was transferred to Logistics Unit and promoted on the position of Chief of Armament. In 2004 LtCol  Sweklej was designated to the 15 Military Agency as Quality Assurance Representative. In 2006 he was transferred to Land Forces Command where he served as a specialist. In 2012 he was transferred to Afganistan to  supervising the exploitation of the armament.



1994-1999           Military University of Technology – Master of Science In Mechanic, Warsaw, Poland;

2000-2001           Warsaw University of Live Science – Postgraduate Study, Warsaw, Poland;


2004-2005          National Defence University – Postgraduate Study, Warsaw, Poland