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Bohuslav Chalupa Bohuslav Chalupa

Vice-Chairman of the Defence Committee; Member of Parliament


Bohuslav Chalupa graduated from the Military High School of Chemical Technology and Military College majoring in military chemistry and chemical engineering. During his military experience he has focused primarily on issues related to the so-called "protection against weapons of mass destruction", "gate preparation of the population" and "civil defence". 

Subsequently, in the exercise of jobs in the private sector as well as on a number of central government agencies have long dealt, inter alia, with the so-called "digital agenda" and "cyber security". 

As part of his current position as a Member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic he is devoted to the issue of the overall defence of the Czech Republic, including cyber security, namely works as the Vice-Chairman of the Defence Committee, is a member of the Security Committee, Subcommittee on the prison system, Subcommittee on ICT and industry e-Government Economic Committee, the Chairman of the permanent Commission for Control of the Military Intelligence and a member of the Permanent Commission for the control of GIBS. Bohuslav Chalupa continuously deals with issues directly related to the activities of the relevant ministries and related legislation of the Czech Republic and EU.