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Weibel Scientific


About Weibel Scientific
Danish Weibel Scientific is the global leader in the market for advanced Doppler radar systems. For more than 40 years, Weibel has sold cutting-edge radars around the world for use in space, aerospace, defense and missile defense systems. The company has delivered more than 5,000 radars to more than 40 countries. On a daily basis, Weibel radars are used to protect lives and assist on ground, at sea, in air, and in space. The core of Weibel’s products is the high quality data derived from advanced digital signal processing of radar data from its triple wave form Doppler radars. Latest, the 3D Digital Array technology combined with machine learning propels Weibel’s XENTA C-UAS and SHORAD radar family into a new realm beyond traditional radar systems, where even very small drones can be detected, tracked and classified at ranges never seen before. Weibel continues to push the laws of physics to develop and deliver tip of the spear Doppler radars to users all over the globe.