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Garanti Kompozit


Garanti has been a leading manufacturer of functional outerwear for over 25 years and within the last 15 years Garanti has started to manufacture ballistic protective equipment as well and has become an outstanding supplier of body armor and vehicle armor products. Now, we operate in our modern production facilities over 45.000 sqm covered area with 350 highly experienced personnel. We have been serving number of key accounts for domestic and international customers. So far we have manufactured and delivered more than 110 thousand light weight ballistic protective helmets, more than 400 thousand soft armor and hard armor panels for several Military and Law Enforcement programs. In addition to these ballistic protective helmets we have designed and produced several complementary items such as IR strobe, T-Light, add-on ballistic appliques for rifle protection, soft ballistic mandible, side armor, 9 mm & fragment visor, NVG mount and counterweights. All of these are battlefield tested ! Thanks to our accredited ballistic testing laboratory and our on going R&D work, we have designed, tested and developed our new ultralight ballistic protective helmets that are only 1 kg ! Our new product launched just recently which offers full face protection with hard mandible and fragment visor along with the ultra-light helmet. We have expanded our helmet product range by adding standalone rifle helmets against MSC and M80 and non-ballistic bump helmets and helicopter helmets Other than body armor items, we have produced and delivered hundreds of shields and wheeled shield sets in level BR7 and NIJ0108.01 level IV. We also manufacture EOD suits and Demining suits, fragment protective underwear made of UHMWPE knits, waterproof/breathable garments , flame retardant garments, sleeping bags, tents, back packs, airbag equipped vests and jackets according to the customer requirements and supporting production with our sophisticated in-house textile laboratory.