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Redstone Technologies, an independent subsidiary of Flight Test Aerospace, Inc., is a leader in solutions-oriented global aviation services. Our driven pursuit of excellence ensures exceeding customer expectations at all levels. Our agility and flexible approach allow us to rapidly meet global needs with timely and relevant solutions. We exist to ensure our customer’s satisfaction in the most challenging situations.



We are primarily a training service provider. Our trainers apply our philosophical approach to all their solutions, namely, that unique situations require flexibility, agility, and creativity.

Our training contract performance includes:


Our expert technicians are able to draw on decades of experience to provide aircraft maintenance (Contractor Logistics Support) to highly specific problems in the world’s most austere environments.

Our CLS contract performance includes:

  • Redstone Technologies provides full spectrum CLS to the Lebanese Air Force armed MD-530F fleet in Hamat Air Base, Lebanon.

  • Redstone Technologies CLS provided Weapon Safety Officers (WSO) capable of supporting up to 10 AC-208 aircraft at Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA).

  • Redstone Technologies Maintenance Services Division (MSD) has been the government’s CLS provider of choice in Afghanistan on aircraft such as the Mi-17, PC-12, MD-530, and others.

  • Redstone Technologies has provided critical maintenance and avionics support to the Kenyan Air Force (KAF) fleet of AW139 helicopters for nearly three years



Although we are primarily an aviation services company, we are able to provide quality manufacturing, prototyping, lightweight production, and reverse engineering

Our production and Engineering efforts have resulted in:

  • Flawless wiring production for C-206 (Cessna Stationair) modifications in support of US Customs and Border Patrol requirements.

  • Wiring harness production for US Army M1 Abrams main battle tanks

  • Various production tasks using our 3 in-house 3D printers

  • Various design tasks for multiple customers