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CZ to Present Portfolio of Military Weapons at FF20


CZ is part of the international holding Česká zbrojovka Group SE. It is a leading engineering company specializing in the manufacture and sales of small arms, including accessories (ammunition, ballistic products etc.). The company also provides comprehensive solutions for hunting and sport as well as for armed forces.

Pistols CZ P-10 NATO series

The highly advanced service and defence striker fired CZ P-10 pistols in 9 mm NATO calibre meet the requirements and needs of the armed forces professionals in their demanding daily duties. This model series is the result of extensive consultations with members of elite military and security forces. It is characterised by extreme reliability, high accuracy, exceptional resistance against all types of damage as well as by superb ergonomics with an option to partially adjust the size of the grip. 
There are model variants available for all kinds of use and carry: a subcompact, compact, semicompact and a full-size version. What is more, there are also OR models adapted for the easy and strong attachment of compact collimator sights on the upper surface of the slide. 

Assault rifles CZ BREN 2 series

The CZ BREN 2 assault rifles in 5.56×45 mm NATO and 7.62×39 mm (vz. 43) calibres are the result of a radically new approach where the design of a basic individual automatic weapon is concerned. The basis is a perfect understanding of the needs current armed forces have, close collaboration with end users, use of the most advanced development and design methods, application of revolutionary ergonomic models and last but not least the use of the most progressive manufacturing processes and ultramodern hi-tech materials. 
The outcome is an ultimate multi-calibre weapons system with unrivalled parameters. The CZ BREN 2 family has been designed as an ideal combination of the best tried and tested solutions that have been taken to perfection. You can expect high accuracy, absolute reliability, simple controls and excellent ergonomics, one might say the standard characteristics of CZ brand models.

Battle rifles CZ BREN 2 BR

A cutting-edge individual automatic weapon combining the strong points of the successful CZ BREN 2 model series with the popular and powerful 7.62x51 NATO calibre. 
This light battle rifle of the new generation models is characterized by exceptional reliability in all climatic conditions, high accuracy, smooth ergonomics and easy to use controls. This firearm is manufactured from extremely strong modern materials, using metal parts treated with extra durable surface finish.

Submachine guns CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1

The most advanced submachine gun in 9 mm NATO calibre, used by elite special and armed forces across the world. This state-of-the-art light individual automatic firearm has been developed in close collaboration with elite professionals expressly for the needs of current armed forces. Its original and exceptionally simple design has been based on a patented blowback design of the slide on the detachable trigger mechanism housing. Extremely durable polymers and other hi-tech materials and technologies are extensively used in the manufacture of this model series.
The main advantages of the CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun include excellent ergonomics, high accuracy in all modes of fire (single round, three-round burst and fully automatic) and absolute reliability in all weather conditions anywhere in the world.