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Backup medical facility is being built at PVA EXPO PRAHA instead of the FFF 2020


Today, the next edition of the biennial FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF) was to begin at the PVA EXPO PRAHA exhibition centre, including the Future Forces Exhibition, expert panels, and official meetings of the NATO working groups. Instead of the FFF, the Czech Army is now building a backup medical facility in the exhibition halls.

The international events and networking, originally planned for 21-23 October, will not take place this year due to the negative development of the epidemiological situation. After considering all the circumstances, this decision was made in accordance with the position of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic as the most important institutional partner of the FFF project. At a meeting between the organizers and the Minister of Defence, H.E. Lubomír Metnar, at the beginning of October, it was decided to postpone the 14th FFF to 28-30 April 2021.
The unused exhibition centre will now serve as a space for a backup medical facility, which is being built by the Czech Armed Forces. It will have a capacity of 500 beds, including ten intensive ones. The first part of the military equipment arrived on Monday 19 October.
The army convoy brought 165 tons of material to PVA EXPO PRAHA, in total there will be as much more. The field hospital will have intensive care units, laboratories and an operating room at its disposal. There will be interrogation rooms in the tents. Soldiers will import beds from military warehouses as well as warehouses of state material reserves. 149 professional soldiers will be involved in the operation, mainly members of the 6th Medical Battalion. Of the 149 professional soldiers, 109 will be medical personnel, 25 will work in the Command and Staff, and 15 soldiers will be from the Logistics Support Unit. In case of deployment, this unit will be supported by other components of the Ministry of Defence. Other medics will add military medical personnel to the full number of 200 people from other parts of the Czech Armed Forces.