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URC Systems, spol. s r.o. is a Czech, dynamically developing company founded in 1998 with the aim of implementing a comprehensive solution to the demanding requirements of customers in the following areas of command, control, information and communication infrastructure and performance of the activities: combat electronic surveillance and reconnaissance, protective and communication radio jamming, state security forces. Given the current security situation and the resulting requirements for increased defence and protection of one's own territory, emphasis is placed on closer cooperation between the armed and security forces within the framework of electronic warfare, crisis management and an integrated rescue system. In order to fulfil these requirements, URC Systems, in cooperation with the Army and Police of the Czech Republic and national partner companies, presents the modular tactical reconnaissance-jamming system STAR COM and the modular command and control system C4S (Command, Control Support System for Security Forces). Individual applications and solutions of the C4S system provide support for command and control and the fulfilment of Multi ISR capabilities (integrated ISR capabilities of the armed and security forces) with the functions of the security information system platform - PSIM (Physical Security Information Management). As part of the C4S system, it will be presented at Future Forces 2022: • C2AP command and control application with integrated localization services and connection to an AI (Artificial Intelligence) detection analysis system using DT (Digital Twin) and VR (Virtual Reality) for a "360° live walkthrough" in a 3D model, • operational mobile and connection center JUPITER, • mobile command monitoring and communication center C2VAN.
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