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PROENGIN: Excellence in CBRN threat Management !

Proengin is a French company founded in 1972 that develops, manufactures and markets Chemical and Biological detection systems.

Proengin’s sensors are designed to detect in few seconds very small quantities (some micrograms per cubic meter) of chemical warfare agents of all kinds, from mustard gas that was used during World War-I to the most recent Novichok agents that had stricken four persons in UK recently.

Besides chemical agents the same sensors detect biological warfare agents such as Anthrax.

The technology used by Proengin, flame spectrophotometry, is unique in CBRN field.

This technology consists in burning gas or particles (in a small flame) and analyze the light of the flame.

The different spectra of that light gives the nature of the atoms burned in the flame and therefore the presence of toxic chemical or biological warfare agents.