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VRGINEERS to exhibit at Future Forces 2024


Vrgineers, Inc. is a leader in developing immersive technologies focused on training professional fighter jets and helicopter pilots.

The company develops and manufactures its XTAL headset for virtual and mixed reality. The company's product portfolio also includes Vrgineers Classroom, Portable, and Custom Trainer flight simulators.

The XTAL headset is developed based on the priorities of professional pilots and instructors from the international aviation community to meet the most demanding requirements for realistic simulation. The company achieved this through the unique combination of a wide field of view and high image quality that XTAL brings. Thanks to the interconnection, it is possible to train not only pilots but also the cooperation of a pilot with a co-pilot, a gunner with a pilot, JTAC instructors, and the coordination of entire squadrons.

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Meet VRGINEERS Team at Future Forces 2024 

VRGINEERS will present its portfolio in Hall 3 at Future Forces Exhibition, 16-18 October 2024, Prague.