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DOK-ING to Exhibit at Future Forces 2024


DOK-ING is a global market leader in special purpose robotics & autonomous systems. The company holds more than 80% of the market share in more than 40 countries.

The headquarter is in the Croatian capital Zagreb, and, besides the European office, DOK-ING is incorporated on the following continents: North America, Africa & Asia. In more than 30 years of being in the business, the company has been recognised for changing the industrial landscape with its innovative approach. It has won many international “doing business and industrial” awards in innovations and technologies.

Products portfolio

By integrating its own innovations and new technologies, DOK-ING develops and manufactures robotic and autonomous systems to protect human lives & property in dull, dirty and dangerous environments, known to responders, primarily in Military Engineering, CBRNe, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Response & Underground Mining.

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Military Engineering

MV-2 Honey Badger: Compact EOD Robotic System

The MV-2 is designed and developed as an answer to continuously developing threats, in both humanitarian and combat environments. Its features merge small dimensions, great power and maneuverability which makes MV-2 a perfect system for use in harsh terrains with difficult access.


MV-4 Scorpion: Multi Mission EOD Robotic System

The MV-4 is one of the world’s best renowned light category mine clearance and EOD robotic systems. Its low profile and robust structure makes it resistant to all AP mines detonations and UXOs of similar intensity. It can also sustain AT mine explosions.





MV-10 Bison: Heavy-Duty EOD Robotic System

The MV-10 is a multi-mission remote-controlled robotic system which is the only robotic system in the world with double tool: front-positioned flail tool followed by a rear tiller. Due to its high engine power and supreme explosion resistance, the MV-10 presents the strongest system in its category.




MV-3 Hystrix: Counter Terrorism Robotic System

The MV-3 Hystrix is a multi-mission remote-controlled robotic system for support in counter-terrorism, hostage release operations and social unrest crisis missions.



Emergency Response

MVF-5 Tusk: Emergency Response Robotic System

The MVF-5 is a multi-mission, heavy-duty, remote-controlled robotic system for emergency response. It serves first responders to execute tasks in the harshest, most demanding and life-threatening conditions.




MVC-8 Komodo: Next-gen CBRN Defense Unmanned Ground System

The MVC-8 is a unique remote-controlled unmanned ground system that can operate in extreme chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) conditions.



Underground Mining

Mining program started when DOK-ING signed its first contract with Anglo American Platinum. DOK-ING South Africa was established for post-sale support and maintenance.



Meet DOK-ING Team at Future Forces 2024 

DOK-ING will present its portfolio in Hall 4 at Future Forces Exhibition, 16-18 October 2024, Prague.

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