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AERO Vodochody has conducted a demonstration flight of the L-39NG aircraft


FUTURE FORCES FORUM is excited to share a significant achievement in the Czech aerospace industry! Our esteemed exhibitor, AERO Vodochody has successfully conducted a demonstration flight of the first serially produced  L-39NG aircraft for LOM PRAHA s.p. This aircraft will play a crucial role in training the future pilots of the Czech  F-35s.

One year after the start of serial production, Aero Vodochody showcased the L-39NG, designed for LOM PRAHA and Aviation Training Center in Pardubice. The first two aircraft are set to be delivered this year, with two more by mid-2025. Additionally, there is an option for four more aircraft, ensuring comprehensive training capabilities for the Czech Air Force and NATO's  NFTE program.

The L-39NG is a state-of-the-art  training  platform, combining advanced manufacturing technologies, composite materials, and superior pilot protection. This milestone underscores Aero Vodochody's leadership in the global market for jet trainers.


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